Louisiana DOTD has just completed its analysis of the intersection of Flournoy Lucas and Ashley River Roads to determine whether a traffic signal there is warranted.

The agency has determined that the intersection doesn't meet the criteria for a traffic signal, including traffic signal warrants published in the Federal Highway Administration's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and minimum spacing requirements established by the department.

DOTD says in a news release:

Traffic signals are often considered a cure-all for all traffic problems at intersections. This belief has led to traffic control signals being installed at many locations where they are not needed, adversely affecting the safety and efficiency of vehicle and pedestrian traffic along the corridor. While certainly a valuable tool, traffic signals must be properly utilized in order for them to function as intended. There are other options available that may offer solutions to certain traffic problems, and these must also be utilized as intended. Each situation requires careful analysis to ensure that the proposed solution is appropriate and effective.

The intersection wasn't found to have a pattern of crashes that would justify the installation of a new signal. Total traffic volumes didn't meet the 8-hour threshholds required for any day, and the area didn't have a pattern of crashes considered to be correctible by a traffic signal.

DOTD said of the four crashes in the most recent 12-month period, three were considered correctible by a traffic signal. The criteria are five minimum crashes, with all five considered correctible.

The department also requires that traffic signals be spaced a minimum of one-half mile apart. The studied intersection is only 800 feet to the east of an existing signal.