Whether they are artists we love or love to hate, these names came up more often than any other.

2016 was a interesting year for music, to say the least. It seems like we had music from artists we had been missing, like Adele however, there were also artists we missed dearly, like Sam Smith. Nonetheless, the show must go on and we still turned to Google to get the latest scoop on our favorites.

Well, we stalked your searches and found those that took out a second mortgage in your search engine.

Could these be our favorite artists? Possibly. Could these be artists we only want dirt on? We're not ruling that out. Sometimes it is your enemies you search the most on social media, right? We've compiled a list of the most searched for pop artists in Shreveport-Bossier. And hey, artists, take note and start routing your tours to the CenturyLink Center... Please and thank you!

Here are the Top 10 Most Searched For Pop Artists in Shreveport-Bossier:

10. Nick Jonas (These were mostly from me)
9. Kelly Clarkson
8. Celine Dion
7. Christina Aguilera
6. Elvis Presley
5. Katy Perry
4. Adele
3. Lady Gaga
2. Michael Jackson
1. Selena Gomez