Well, it's official, I may never leave the house again.

This is, of course, something I've been planning for a while now with my Netflix and Hulu subscriptions, my razor subscription, my clothing subscription, and now the fact that the Zika Virus has finally made it's way to the ArkLaTex.

According to the Shreveport Times, the Louisiana Department of Health has confirmed a case of Zika virus in Caddo Parish.

They say they have added three new Zika cases in Louisiana, bringing the total to 26, with one of the new ones coming from Caddo Parish.

This should come as no surprise to Shreveporters because this particular virus is primarily carried in Mosquitoes and I feel like the Mosquitoes are slowing taking over Shreveport as we speak.

For those unaware,  the Zika virus presents a huge risk to women who are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant. Infants born to infected mothers may suffer severe negative birth outcomes including neurological disorders, vision and hearing deficits, impaired growth or microcephaly.

Louisiana's Department of Health lists several important steps to reduce the risk for contracting Zika. They say to avoid areas with active Zika transmission, and also take steps toward the prevention of mosquito bites. Things like using insect repellent, wearing long sleeves, and avoiding any areas of standing water or other potential mosquito breeding sites.

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