Not in a million years could I tell you how it popped into my head, but recently on the 710 KEEL Morning Show with Erin McCarty, I started talking about...Jarts.

Jarts, Lawn darts. Literally, pointed spears that parents gave their kids back in the 60s and 70s as a backyard alternative to horseshoes. As I pointed out, "If I were walking through a really bad neighborhood and didn't have a gun...Jarts would be my next choice of defense."

Of course, from there the conversation expanded to the most dangerous toys of all time...and how on earth did they ever get on the market?

1) Jarts Imagine children hurling pointed, steel, weighted skewers around the backyard.Yep, that's Jarts. Banned by Consumer Protection Safety Council after the deaths of at least three children. They also also recommended destroying any existing sets.

2) Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab Sold in the early 1950s as "an atomic energy educational set", it featured four samples of Uranium ore (radioactive!) and an order form for more.

3) Mini Hammock Looking more like some sort of diabolical trap from an Indiana Jones movie, manufacturers eventually had to recall over 3 million of these "toys" after at 12 children died from accidental strangulation.

4) Snacktime Cabbage Patch Doll A version of one of the most popular toys of all time, except the Snacktime edition consumed almost as many real fingers as it did accompanying plastic snacks. The toy's major flaw: No off switch! The dolls were eventually pulled from the shelves by the manufacturer.

5) Bat Masterson Belt Buckle Derringer Imagine a cap pistol - fire hazard - that fires within inches of your child's, uh...private parts. Yep, that's the derringer belt buckle. Good thing that fire hazard isn't surrounded by anything a kid's clothes. You can't call it a disaster waiting to happen, but only because a number of disasters actually happened.