Just three weeks ago, American Bible Society ranked Shreveport as the #4 Bible-minded city in the U.S. A new survey from real estate website Trulia may have you shaking your head after that report.

The website recently used the "seven deadly sins" in order to rank cities from most to least sinful. The benchmarks they used were:

-Lust: Number of adult entertainment venues
-Gluttony: Rates of obesity, binge drinking and smoking
-Greed: Number of racing and gambling venues and residents’ reported charitable donations
-Sloth: Number of residents who have not exercised in 30 days
-Wrath: Per capita violent crime
-Envy: Inequality in home prices
-Vanity: Number of beauty and tanning salons and plastic surgery offices

According to Trulia, New Orleans is the number one most sinful city in the US. That's not exactly hard to believe considering The Big Easy's reputation. I mean...it's called The Big Easy.

But believe it or not, NOLA isn't the only Louisiana city to be named in the top ten temptation locations.

Nope...our very own fair city of Shreveport is listed as the number seven most sinful city in the US, beating out Las Vegas at number eight!

Fourth most Bible minded, yet seventh most sinful. That's saying something.

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