Yup, you read the headline right, we're going to review the Top 3 Matches in WWE Roadblock history. Now before you get ready to fire off an email, yes, it's kind of a joke.

See, WWE's Roadblock was a WWE Network exclusive show that took place on March 12th of this year, and was really nothing more than a broadcasted house show in Toronto. Sure, the card featured a couple of matches that were a little bit bigger than your normal house show, but there really wasn't anything of note that occurred.

Looking back at the build up, there was the potential for some crazy outcomes, mostly due to the fact that the audience didn't fully believe that HHH would actually carry the WWE Championship all the way into Wrestlemania. This sudden Network Special featuring a Championship match seemed like a perfect out for him to drop the title just in time for a Wrestlemania build. But that's not what we saw.

We did see some, well, interesting things happen. Like Enzo and Cass having a match on the same card as main roster talent for the first time on a broadcast, and a match that was promoted as Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt, which got some people pretty excited, that ended up to be much less than that.

Here are the Top 3 matches from that night:

#3 - Enzo & Cass vs. The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship 

Wrestling Reality via Youtube.com

The match ran for about 10 minutes, and featured much of the full arsenals from both teams, and pretty much solidified the resume of Enzo & Cass in NXT when they came up short without the titles. Enzo & Cass would make their way to the main roster soon after, and The Revival would become the first ever 2-time NXT Tag champs.

#2 - Sami Zayn vs. Stardust

Wrestling Reality via Youtube.com

This might have been the best match of the night from a pure wrestling standpoint. Sami puts on quality matches any time he steps in the ring, and Cody/Stardust is a wrestling phenom. These two looked effortless, and it looked like one of the last times that Cody Rhodes was having fun in WWE before he left the company.

#1 - Dean Ambrose vs. HHH for the WWE Championship

Wrestling Reality via Youtube.com

There were a lot of questions about whether or not HHH could still "go". This 24 minute marathon match answered those questions. H took some solid shots, including a "Lunatic Dive" on the outside of the ring, and even sold an "Irish Whip" into the turnbuckle by throwing himself all the way over the top rope and onto the floor.

The best spot of the match was actually a 3-count that appeared to give Dean Ambrose the championship, but the ref noticed his feet were laying underneath the ropes, which apparently nullifies the pin.

Ambrose threw himself into an empty announce table too for a high-quality moment.