The Texas Rangers are going to stay in Arlington, Texas! The new stadium proposal would be a $1 billion, retractable roof and climate controlled stadium. It would be the most expensive stadium with a retractable roof. That is if the voters in Arlington agree to pay for half ($500 million) in taxes and the Rangers to pay the other $500 million plus overruns.

The stadium would be smaller in capacity with it holding 42,000-44,000 fans compared to the 48,000 in Globe Life Park. Even though it will hold less people, the summer heat in Texas has been a very long fuss with the fans, it will make it more desirable to go to the ballpark and watch the game in a cooler environment with a new look. The Rangers co-owner Ray Davis hopes the air conditioned stadium would attract more free agents and more importantly for the Rangers is to sign more highly sought after pitchers in the free agent market, which has been a hard task to do in the recent years.