WWE Battleground Features a Punjabi Prison Match
WWE has been experiencing some incredible highs and lows, all in the span of just a few weeks.
Some of the highs include AJ Styles winning the US Championship at a house show, and the biggest low in a long time was the buildup to Kurt Angle's big announcement, that dudded out with a poorly execu…
Shreveport Welcomes Wrestling Observer Radio
Shreveport has a historic place with the pro wrestling world. The roots of pro wrestling are buried DEEP in the fabric of the Shreveport community. Decades ago, Shreveport became a main landing spot for the Mid-South Wrestling Association...
John Cena Returns To WWE Tonight on Smackdown
It's amazing to see where John Cena is today vs. any other point in his career.
Tonight John Cena will return to WWE after taking months off to rest and work on other projects. When he comes out on Smackdown Live tonight, he will be met with more cheers than boos, which is a surprising turn for …

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