Saints Lose to Chiefs 27-24 [PHOTOS]
The New Orleans Saints are now 3-0 after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, 27-24.
The Saints had an 18 point lead in the third quarter but couldn't hold on to it. This was the Chiefs' first win of the season, they are 1-2.
Saints Lose to Panthers 35-27 [PHOTOS]
The New Orleans Saints suffered a 35-27 loss to the Panthers on Sunday.
A second interception from the Saints' Drew Brees in the last minute of the game by the Panthers' Jon Beason made them the winners.
The Saints Interim Head Coach Is…
With the season long suspension of the New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, and the six game suspension of assistant head coach Joe Vitt, the Saints were left with limited choices.
So who did they pick to lead the way for the first six games of the season? With practically the whole Saints coac…

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