Mike the Tiger

LSU to Honor Mike VI Saturday in Death Valley
The death of Mike the Tiger (Mike VI) shook the Tiger Nation this week and many are mourning the loss. Mike VI spent 9 of his 11 years at LSU and was euthanized Tuesday due to his progressive battle with cancer.
BREAKING NEWS: LSU Mascot Mike The Tiger VI Has Died
We have sad news to pass along this afternoon...after a 4 month battle against cancer, LSU Mascot Mike the Tiger (VI) has passed away.
The announcement is not a shock, as the battle with cancer has been very public and well documented through the University...
The History Behind Mike The Tiger
In the recent news of LSU live mascot Mike VI being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer with a  spindle cell sarcoma. I wanted to look back on last five Mike the Tigers and the history that came with it.
MIKE I     (1936-1956)
The idea that changed campus life around Baton Ro…
LSU Flash Mob Hits Campus Quad [Video]
LSU Athletics and LSU Ambassadors prepared a Flash Mob in the Baton Rouge Campus Quad to get folks pumped for the LSU/Alabama game tomorrow in Death Valley! One of the infinite reasons LSU is the greatest university. Love Purple Live Gold.
Vote Mike! Capital One Mascot Challenge
Mike the Tiger needs your vote!  Mike lost in a photo finish last week against Michigan State's Sparty!  Let's make sure Mike gets the win he deserves this week in the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

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