Would You Eat a Fart if It Was Good for Your Health?
Your inner 12-year-old is about to get a big health boost, because Chinese researchers believe that eating farts could be good for you. Start pulling fingers, because while this seems like 7th Grade lunch table talk, there may be something to it. Besides the smell.
Is It Healthy to Talk to Yourself?
At some point or another, most of us have caught ourselves speaking out loud to, well, no one. But although you may think talking to yourself makes you look crazy, scientists say it could actually have some real benefits.
Killer Cantaloupe: Caution Advised
Have you heard about the recent deaths from an outbreak of a bacteria in cantaloupe?  If you don't know where your cantaloupe came from you should get rid of it.  Federal health officials are warning consumers again after more deaths due to the tainted melon.

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