Is Haughton More Haunted Than Shreveport?
Shreveport is VERY well known for it's haunted locations. From The Pea Farm to The Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport is full of ghost stories.
But for a city the size of Shreveport, with as much history as Shreveport, you expect that.
Haughton though, how haunted could that be...
10 Spooky Celebrity Ghost Sightings
It's always sad when a celebrity passes away, but sometimes these strong-willed, vibrant personalities live on long after they have shuffled off this mortal coil. Here are 10 famous folks reportedly still hanging around even though they were "no longer with us."
You See Anything Scary In This Photo?
I know we are a long way away from  Halloween, but this is something I had to share.
A friend of my mother's sent her this photo, and it was forwarded over to me.
My mom's friend Dana, has been alerting others for awhile of the possibility of ghosts being present in her house...