Comic Con

What is Geek’d Con All About? Here Are the Pictures and Videos
Geek'd Con is my favorite thing in Shreveport. Apologies to the Mudbugs and Mardi Gras, but for real, Shreveport's biggest geek event is a magical weekend that can't be duplicated.
When I talk to people about it, nearly everyone gets excited, but some quickly follow that excitement up …
Remembering The Original Shreveport Comic Conventions
Its no secret, I'm a geek. Like, a BIG time geek. Comic books, video games, pro wrestling, Pokemon, sports cards, nerf guns, Star Wars...on and on...and that's actually just the stuff on the walls in my office.
A couple of years ago, I came to Shreveport for the first time and was asked if …
Geek’d Con Shreveport Cosplay Rules Announced
Geek'd Con is just a few weeks away, and one of the big part of the event that everyone is looking forward to is the Cosplay Contest.
This year, the Geek'd Cosplay Contest will expand. Now it will include multiple categories, and a longer program...