If you're stressed out, you're not alone. According to WalletHub, Shreveport is known as one of the most 'stressed out' cities in the country!

Here I was wondering why I always found myself sing the song Stressed Out by twenty one pilots to myself. It turns out that Shreveport is the 6th most stressed out city in the USA.

WalletHub studied a number of stressors including average hours worked, credit scores, divorce and poverty rates, as well as crime rates and health stats to compile the list of the country's most stressed out cities. Shreveport didn't fair very well.

Source: WalletHub

Shreveport ranked 3rd in the nation when it comes to work related stress, 13th when it comes to coping with stress and 14th regarding family stress. That might be the reason that we rank 2nd when it comes to psychologist per capita!

Obviously, stress is a part of life. It's how you deal with it that counts. But when your city ranks 3rd in the country for health related stress, and your city's predominate industry is health care, we need to learn how to take better care of ourselves.

Seriously, stress can lead to a bunch of health problems so do what you can to alleviate it. After all, I need all the listeners I can get!