While William Shatner has shot down the possibility of making a cameo in Star Trek Beyond, you better believe Justin Lin still has some fun surprises in store for fans of the franchise. One of those surprises (or two, rather) is the focus of a new contest the director is holding, and if you can correctly guess which actors are making a cameo in the film based on this set photo, you’ll win some neat prizes.

Lin shared the photo on Twitter, along with a link to his blog with more details on the contest:

Why today? Well, today is First Contact Day, commemorating the day the humans and Vulcans first made contact on April 5, 2063. As you can see above, Lin is posing with two heavily-costumed actors, and if you can correctly guess who they are, you’ll win a Star Trek Beyond crew t-shirt and a signed poster from the film.

It’s really difficult to tell who these guys are since their faces are stacked with makeup and prosthetics, but the folks over at Collider have an inspired guess about the actor on the left — it could be Danny Pudi, which would make sense because Lin directed the epic paintball episode of Community. As for the guy on the right, your guess is as good as mine.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 22.