One actor has traded in his Fantasy Football team for a cape.

Lately, all I have been hearing is, "You gotta watch The League" and "Have you watched The League?" The show ran on FX from 2009 until 2015, but it would appear that its popularity has only increased since its final season. Since I am kind of into football and guy humor, I guess I am destined for a binge watch this weekend.

Fans of the show rejoice, for Kevin is currently in Shreveport!

That's right, Stephen Rannazzisi is in our area shooting a super hero film called Avengers of Justice. How do we know? Well, he posted about it on his Instagram page and called out Shreveport in the caption.

Not, gonna lie.. He's looking pretty good in them boots! No word on who his character is in this movie or really how big of a role it is, but all that matter is that you could bump into him at Rhino Coffee or something.

And props to Shreveport-Bossier for landing another feature film! Maybe next time we'll see the entire cast of The League in our area for a League movie...