According to this study, if you're a woman you are better off living anywhere but here.

When it comes to gender equality, women have made tremendous strides. However, the gap still remains widely spread across the country. Some states are better than others when it comes to the social and financial well-being of females, as detailed by WalletHub's recent study.

Unfortunately Louisiana is the worst offender.

I definitely don't agree with the results, but you read that right ladies. Despite the face that women outnumber men in all but nine states, women are still treated unfairly and Louisiana is the last place you want to live if you strive for equality. WalletHub broke their research down into two key dimensions, "Women's Economic and Social Well-Being" and "Women's Health Care and Safety." Those two umbrellas include issues like salary, healthcare, domestic violence and more.

Although Louisiana was only listed in the bottom five for one of these categories, we were still ranked last. Sounds fishy to me, but here you go.

Source: WalletHub

Here's how it all shook out...

1 Minnesota
2 Vermont
3 New Hampshire
4 Maine
5 Massachusetts
6 North Dakota
7 Maryland
8 Wisconsin
9 Nebraska
10 Hawaii
11 Connecticut
12 Washington
13 Illinois
14 Virginia
15 Iowa
16 New York
17 Kansas
18 Montana
19 South Dakota
20 Oregon
21 Colorado
22 Ohio
23 Missouri
24 New Jersey
25 Utah
26 Rhode Island
27 Tennessee
28 Florida
29 Delaware
30 Idaho
31 Indiana
32 Wyoming
33 North Carolina
34 Alaska
35 Kentucky
36 Arizona
37 District of Columbia
38 Michigan
39 California
40 Pennsylvania
41 Georgia
42 Texas
43 Oklahoma
44 West Virginia
45 New Mexico
46 Mississippi
47 Arkansas
48 Alabama
49 Nevada
50 South Carolina
51 Louisiana