If you've traveled in the south, you may have noticed purple fence posts. What does that mean?

Maybe you're so focused on your driving and what's happening on the road that you haven't noticed purple posts or trees on the side of the road, but I'm willing to bet you won't be able to miss them now. There is a reason for this color and it's not just a favorite color of the owner.

It means, do not trespass.

According to AWM.com, property owners are allowed to paint fences or trees to mark off their property. The reason? Simply, bad weather. Strong storms that run through the south can easily take down "No Trespassing" signs. So yes, that means we can paint on nature.

It's a law that is upheld in Texas and Arkansas, but it's not just for the south.

Other states include:

-North Carolina

It's mostly mean for property owners who have mass amounts of acreage. Who can drive their entire piece of land every single day when there are hundreds and hundreds of acres?