The Advertiser-Tribune reported that, Tracy finished his show at the Smokin’ Country Concert and then tried to leave, but couldn't because his tour buses were blocked in. An argument took place with the promoter, Elmer Cole, Jr., and then both threw punches.

Tracy and Elmer were both taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Both will have to appear in Tiffin Municipal Court to face charges of disorderly conduct.

Tracy Lawrence, 43 has faced other legal issues in the past, including charges of reckless endangerment and spousal abuse, for which he was convicted in 1998. For the past few years, Tracy has stayed on the right path, even releasing a Christian album in 2009 indicating his life was on the right track.

Tracy grew up in a very Christian household and went to church every Sunday whether he wanted to or not. Having children and a stable home life has brought him back around to the importance of how he was raised. Tracy and his family started going back to church and taking the kids. It’s brought a great peace to his life that he didn’t have for a long time.

Smokin’ Country Concert was a three-day festival that also included performances by Darryl Worley and Craig Campbell.

Hopefully Tracy’s new legal woes won’t hamper his concert dates. He is spending the next several weeks on the road, including stops in Louisiana and Texas.