Calling all entrepreneurs and dreamers!

Although many of us are born with the desire to create and grow, not all of us set out to carve our own path in the business world. WalletHub states that "15 million out of 53 million Americans are now working for themselves." And if you're looking to start a business, welcome home! According to a study by, Shreveport is the best city to start a business in.

I guess you could consider us the backbone to American industry.

The study took into account 13 metrics like a business' survival rate after five years, how expensive office space is, and the availability of a local work force. Shreveport came in at number six on the "Access to Resources" list and number 13 on the list for "Business Environment." This helped solidify a Shreveport victory over 149 other cities.

I would take it one step further and say this is why the Pop-Up Business model put together by the Downtown Development Authority is so successful. It gives business owners a chance to start a business in a safe environment right in the middle of downtown Shreveport. From their they can launch their own brick and mortar.

Source: WalletHub

Here's how the Top 25 shook out with Louisiana cities in Bold.

1 Shreveport, LA
2 Tulsa, OK
3 Springfield, MO
4 Chattanooga, TN
5 Jackson, MS
6 Sioux Falls, SD
7 Memphis, TN
8 Augusta, GA
9 Greensboro, NC
10 Columbus, GA
11 Fort Wayne, IN
12 Amarillo, TX
13 Columbus, OH
14 New Orleans, LA
15 Birmingham, AL
16 Wichita, KS
17 Grand Rapids, MI
18 Laredo, TX
19 Winston-Salem, NC
20 Nashville, TN
21 Oklahoma City, OK
22 Brownsville, TX
23 Lubbock, TX
24 El Paso, TX
25 Toledo, OH

31 Baton Rouge, LA