Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler has been reviewing all of the stats on the recent crime spree in our city.  She is coordinating efforts with the Police Department to focus on her top priority - public safety.

The Mayor says “I’m very concerned about the recent violence in our city. Although these have been isolated incidences, I am aware they impact our entire community.”

Tyler adds: “my heart goes out to the families that have lost loved ones to these senseless acts of violence; one loss of life is one too many. I have spent my life working to educate young people to get them on the right track.”

The Mayor tells KEEL News the vast majority of these recent incidents shows these have been disputes between known parties who have some sort of relationship.

The Mayor and the Police Chief are implimenting the following changes to combat crime in our neighborhoods:

  • Adjustment of officers’ shift hours/days off
  • Increased police presence in problem areas
  • Implementation of special operations to address specific crimes through task forces

The Mayor also told KEEL News

It is very important that Shreveport is not continuously compared to smaller cities around us because it is not an apples-to-apples comparison. We should be compared to cities of comparable size, like Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Montgomery, Alabama; Little Rock, Arkansas; or Jackson, Mississippi. Many of these cities with comparable populations show that Shreveport’s crime rate is lower and in some cases, considerably lower.

The Mayor is also calling for more community involvement. She says our Community Oriented Policing program is the cornerstone of the city’s crime reduction strategy and emphasizes the goal of becoming more involved with citizens.