Caddo sheriff's deputies say they have closed multiple theft cases with the arrest of a 31-year-old Shreveport man.

Sheriff Steve Prator says Michael Casey is accused of stealing lawn equipment from homes on North Club Drive in May and June and pawning the items. He's also accused of stealing equipment from a truck on Quad J Road. Some of those items were pawned and some were sold on the streets.

Casey was arrested after a patrol sergeant saw him driving a vehicle that matched one used during the thefts. Sgt. Ondray Miles took Casey into custody on an active warrant.

Det. Matt Purgerson says Casey lives near where the thefts happened, and that they were crimes of opportunity.

"He would look for lawn equipment that was easily accessible, stuff he could take quick and then pawn," he said in a news release.

Casey is charged with one count of illegal possession of stolen things and six counts of theft.