This week, Business Insiders put out their Top 25 US Cities With The Lowest Cost of Living. Their team used research from a firm called Niche, who measured home values vs income levels, median property taxes, home values and rent, as well as the price of groceries and gas.

Looking at the list, it would appear that the Midwest and the South are the only two places in the US to live if you're looking to get the best bang for your buck.

The Business insider article does point out that "Cost of Living" doesn't necessarily translate into "Quality of Life".

Even with all of that, and after all of the math and research, Shreveport comes in at #17 on the list. Right behind Sioux Falls, SD and just ahead of Springfield, MO.

You can see the complete list here, and if you want to find the 3 other Louisiana cities in Niche's Top 50, you can do that here.