Shreveport City Council Member Stephanie Lynch is taking the heat over her poor attendance at Council Meetings, but she is firing back.

Lynch has attended only 3 of 23 Council work sessions this year. She has only attended 11 of the 23 regular Council meetings. We asked Lynch earlier this month if she would comment about her attendance record and she told us she would not.


She also reacted quite pointedly when questioned about her attendance record by KTBS this week. Lynch sent this email to KTBS after being questioned about her record:

It has become apparent that a vile agenda is being pursued by KTBS on behalf of forces outside of my district in an attempt to make me kowtow to the interests of people who love sellout, Oreo, Uncle Tom ass black elected officials, of which I have never been, and never will be.

KEEL News contacted Lynch for comment and she said "I have no need to defend myself, I'm good".  She did add in her text message: "stop saying I don't go to the meetings. I just don't go to every meeting."

But her comments about Uncle Tom and Oreo are drawing a firestorm of criticism online. Some Shreveport residents are urging her to step down.