When writing this recap for last night's game, I'm trying to figuring out what the bigger story. Is it the fact the Rangers actually won, or is it that Ryan Dempster completely got rocked?

Let's go with Dempster, since he was brought in to save the Rangers pitching staff.

You know it's an ugly game when the man you just sent, on punishment, to the bullpen gets the 'W' over your newly acquired starting pitcher!

But that's what happened. Ryan Dempster only went 4 2/3 innings, allowing 8 earned runs and 9 hits!

The Angels attacked Dempster early, Mike Trumbo hit a 'Trumbomb' to right, to add to the Halos lead, now 2-0.

Rangers' Ian Kinsler answered back with a homer of his own, hitting one to left, making the score 2-1!

The very next inning, former Ranger C.J. Wilson was struggling himself! Allowing 5 earned runs in an attack in the bottom of the 2nd!

Dempster would struggle again by the 4th inning, allowing 4 runs to cross home plate, now making the score 7-6!

In both the bottom of the 7th and 8th innings the Rangers attacked with their baseball bats, bringing home a total of 7 runs! Making the score 15-8!

Roy Oswalt would go onto hold the Angels rally, getting the 'W' by the score 15-9!