The latest road closures for our area as provided by Louisiana State Police are below. Drivers are asked to only travel when necessary.

LA 154 West of Culversons
LA 507 South of Castor
LA 155 from Saline to LA 4

US 71 North of LA 157 and South of LA 527
LA 154 East of LA 157
LA 157 South of LA 527 to LA 154
LA 527 at Goathill Road
LA 527 at US 71
LA 527 East of Koran Road

LA 175 at the DeSoto Parish Line
LA 1 from LA 175 to the Red River Line

LA 518 at the Claiborne Lake Dam

US 84 at DeSoto/Red River Line
LA 175 at the Caddo/DeSoto Parish Line
US 371 at LA 177 at the DeSoto / Red River Parish Line

Red River
LA 509 to the DeSoto Parish Line
LA 507 West of Castor
LA 1 Red River / Caddo Parish Line
US 84 West of LA 1
LA 177, between LA 1 and I-49
LA 174 East of I-49
LA 515 between LA 514 and US 71

I-20 milepost 44 the East bound entrance and exit ramps
LA 164 at Amos Cutoff Road
US 80 East of US 371 at Bayou Dorcheat
LA 2 at LA 802
LA 164 from Sibley to Horseshoe Loop
LA 160 from Firetower Road to Cotton Valley
LA 528 North of US 371