After "retiring" from Major League Baseball in 2007 in the midst of the finger-pointing Mitchell Report, many who once respected Roger Clemens turned their back on him. According to the report, all of his years of service to baseball, forever live under a dark cloud of cheating.

With a slim to none chance of Roger Clemens ever making Major League Baseball's Hall Of Fame, is Roger Clemens returning to the pitching mound in hopes of making a major league roster to right all the wrongs he supposedly committed?


Even with Clemens' recent acquittal for lying under oath on June 19th, many feel he got off to easy. In the court of law, he's a free and innocent man. In the court of public opinion and baseball he's a cheater who's never owned up to his mistakes like many others have, including his former friend, and current Yankee Andy Pettitte.

Despite the reports, lying and cheating, let's get back to reality. Clemens' years of striking out opposing batters with his 100 MPH fastballs are long behind him. He's a 50 year-old man. And, his fastball could go as high as 87 MPH.

The independent Atlantic League's Sugar Land (TX) Skeeters see something in Clemens that many others do not. The Houston Astros amateur scouting director, Mike Elias says, “He is in condition to pitch and pitch successfully" Former Astros club president Tal Smith says, “He is in incredible shape."

Do you think the Houston Astros would dare, do the unthinkable?! Bring up a 50 year-old ex-All Star pitcher, who's lived under the roof of controversy for years?

[via Fox Sports]