What is it about a woman holding a microphone talking about sports that intimidates men so much?

Social media is an incredible medium. No matter which platform you use, it allows you the chance to be heard and share with the world. The world may not care to hear it, but at least you have a few characters on a screen that make you feel better about yourself. These platforms, like Twitter for instance, give us unprecedented access to our favorite celebrities. How giddy do we get when someone famous "likes" a tweet? Our lives change completely when a celebrity follows us.

This platform can also tear people down.

With such ease of access to those in the limelight, it's that much easier to bully someone. You may think that they will never see it, but they do. And for some people, like women in sports broadcasting, it can easily turn into harassing. These women are intelligent and bring a new angle to a male dominated field. They have earned the right to be in their positions and don't deserve to be humiliated or threatened on social media.

As a woman who enjoys sports and enjoys talking about them, this video hurts me.

It's hard to find support from others when you decide you want to make your greatest passion, your profession. Men don't think women know anything about sports and women let jealousy rule their comments about these women. It's disgusting.

This video proves that women like Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain deserve better online. I am fans of both of them because they are great storytellers.

Real men were brought in to read real tweets directed at these women. Julie and Sarah had already seen the tweets, but the men were reading them for the first time. The comments that are made on Twitter are degrading, ruthless, and disturbing. They are attacks on their character and could never be brushed off by even the strongest of us all.

They are #MoreThanMean

Watch what happens when these guys try to read the worst ones...