Every time I turn around there's another unpatriotic SOB in the news.

I saw an article today about this anti-American elementary school principal in Coney Island, NY.

Greta Hawkins, the douchebag principal of Public School 90, will not allow kindergartners to sing “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood during their graduation ceremony.

Five kindergarten classes worked on performing the song for months. It was to be the musical finale for the commencement ceremony on June 20.

The children were to wave small American flags during the show for their showing of patriotism. This song has been sung in the past at the school, each time concluding with a rowdy, standing ovation.

Greta Hawkins decided to dump the song.

The music selected for the ceremony was abruptly changed when Hawkins stormed in on a rehearsal, ordering the teachers to remove the song from the program. According to other teachers, Hawkins stated “We don’t want to offend other cultures.” The chancelor of the school, Dennis Walcott agreed with her.

You can see what other teachers at the school think of Hawkins below.

One-line Summary from Teacher Voice:


Please review this principal in your own words:
Racist, disrespectful, narcissisttic, incompetent, broadcasts her brand of politics. If you don't kiss up or fall into her perception of "line" you will be dogged, pressured and vilified until you leave. The only people supported by her are those whom are professional boot licks , otherwise known as the incompetents. Find a position elsewhere, you don't want to be identified with a school that is a complete failure.

What advice would you give to a teacher working with this principal?
Don't,! Find another position elsewhere, flip burgers if you have to. The environment created by this so called administrator is at best very uncomfortable, no trust, no support, no leadership and lackeys always jockeying for position and spying on those they perceive to be "against" the principal, (sounds like the SS doesn't it). It isn't what most competent teachers sign up for.

Via [NY Post]