Once again the ping pong balls did not drop in your direction to make you the latest Powerball big money winner on Saturday. That's the not so good news. The better news is that you can win even more money in Wednesday night's national lottery drawing.

Saturday's numbers were 19-35-46-59-62 with a Powerball of 13. No tickets purchased matched the numbers for the big money prize or a secondary prize of matching 5 numbers plus the power play but minus the Powerball. There was one ticket sold in Florida and New York respectively that matched all five of the numbers drawn.

If playing the Powerball lottery is your thing you'll want to be sure to have your tickets in hand shortly before Wednesday night at 10 PM when the estimated prize will be $282 million for a ticket that matches all five numbers and the Powerball.  If you're not a fan of math the cash prize payout is estimated to be $183.8 million.

Powerball features several different ways to win so even if you don't hit the big prize you could win a $2-million or $1-million dollar prize just for matching most of the numbers that were drawn.  There are many other ways to collect cash prizes playing Powerball. Make sure you double check your tickets before discarding them.

By law sales of Powerball tickets must end one hour before the official drawing so make sure you've decided on your numbers or let the machines make your quick pick by 9 PM on Wednesday and good luck. You must be at least 21 years old to play the Powerball or any Louisiana Lottery game.