Evidently players in any sport aren't the only ones who could make serious blunders, referees can too.

If you're 70 year-old Lois Ann Goodman, this is one of those real-life situations where you wish you could have instant replay.

Goodman, a referee who was set to preside over the upcoming U.S. Open in New York City won't be making the trip over. Instead, she's being charged in the murder of her 80 year-old husband Alan Goodman in Los Angeles on April 17th.

According to the prosecutors, Goodman murdered her elder husband with a coffee mug. When the death was initially reported and the Los Angeles Police Department investigated it, she tried convincing the police it was some sore of horrible accident. According to the police she collaborated this unreal story, claiming, "she said she surmised he had fallen down the steps, had a heart attack and managed to get back upstairs to the bed."

It's unknown what gave Lois Ann Goodman the idea to murder her one and only, whom she's been married to for many decades and who she has three kids by.

It just goes to show you that referees can make bad calls too. Prosecutors hope that they can eject Goodman from society and have her spend the rest of her days in jail.

[via Fox Sports]