Some call this old school, The Satan School.

There are quite a few places in Shreveport-Bossier that are considered to be haunted. One in particular is George Washington Carver School, more commonly known at Ellerbe Road School. The school opened in 1957, but always struggled to maintain healthy attendance. This eventually led to its closing in 1973.

According to some urban legends, a janitor within the school tormented its students until one day he and the students disappeared. It was a mystery that plagued the school for years. Even though the building has been abandoned since 1985 after being vacated by the Baptist Christian College, some say you can still see shadowy figures in the windows.

The school has continued to deteriorate and in 2011 it was voted on to be demolished. However, it still stands today. If you're not brave enough to visit the school in person, how about checking it out from the sky in these two videos we found on YouTube?