About an hour before the NFL Draft started, a video surfaced of Ole Miss OL Laremy Tunsil hit the internet. That video clip inserted Tunsil into a draft free-fall, going all the way from potentially #1 overall, down to #13.

Now if we knew today's news prior to draft night, Tunsil's NFL stock may STILL be falling.

The Louisiana Radio Network has more:

"Ole Miss athletics director Ross Bjork and chancellor Jeffrey Vitter confirm serious violations have occurred within the Rebels athletic program. 13 of the allegations involve the football team, which is why the school has placed a self-imposed double-digit reduction in scholarships for football. Ole Miss is also asking for the NCAA to delay a hearing with the Committee on Infractions so they can determine if former offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil received improper benefits while playing for the Rebels."

According to other reports, Tunsil may have received cash, special treatment, and multiple "loaner" cars from local car dealers. Yet, none of this even deals with the disaster that was Tunsil's NFL Draft night. Meaning there's probably more to come in this situation.