Last Thursday President Obama commuted the sentences of 61 drug offenders being held in Federal prison. Three of them were from Louisiana.

One of those was John “Boo” Milton, who was serving a 50 year sentence after being convicted in 1997. He had been the ringleader of one of Baton Rouge's largest crack cocaine distribution rings.

The 50-year-old Milton will be released in late July. He has served 19 years of his sentence at a federal prison in Alabama.

Federal officers had estimated that Milton was responsible for bringing 210 pounds of powder and crack cocaine to Baton Rouge from 1992 to 1996, but the judge at his trial said the actual amount most likely much more

Milton pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess and distribute powder cocaine and crack cocaine after making a deal with prosecutors in exchange for testimony against three other defendants.

Reasons for Milton's release are considered twofold: In addition to the Obama administration stance that harsher sentences for crack cocaine are racially biased,  Milton is also working as a prison tutor and has earned a degree in Christian counseling.