Just when you thought you'd seen it all...I thought this kind of crazy only existed in the movies. Boy, was I wrong!
Self-proclaimed New Orleans witch, Ender Darling, is in the center of a strange and bizarre investigation and is currently on the run for her safety. According to The New Orleans Advocate, Darling is accused of stealing bones and teeth from New Orleans' historic Holt Cemetery and trying to sell them on social media, such as Facebook. A WWLtv news reporter actually spoke to 24-year-old Darling on the phone in an interview and this is what she had to say:

“I’m from New Orleans too, and I live there too," Darling said. "I have family members buried in that graveyard too. So, y'all can stop treating my like some tourist that came out of nowhere, that's what you can do.”

Also, according to her Facebook posts, she describes how the bones could be used for "curse work or general spells."

Reportedly there was a search warrant issued for the witch's house and investigators did find 11 human bones and 4 human teeth. Gross!

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