Not too long after New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma filed a lawsuit against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for defamation of character, the suits and ties from the NFL make a worthwhile offer to Vilma!

The question is, should Vilma take what the NFL is trying to give him, or protect his ego?

Jonathan Vilma who was previously suspended for the whole 2012 season, for his part in an alleged bounty scandal, is currently fighting that suspension and claims that he accepted money for taking out players who have had known injuries.

While Vilma says he had no part in "bountygate", commissioner Roger Goodell feels different.

According to numerous sources, NFL attorneys have constantly pushed Goodell to reduce any suspension as a settlement to Vilma's lawsuit against him. The sources also explain that Goodell is firm on his stance if players fully participated in the appeals process, he would have reduced the suspensions just like any other players in the same situation.

While Vilma's suspension wouldn't completely be erased, it would be chopped down to 8 games, which would be crucial to the Saints and that linebacker position.

If you were Jonathan Vilma, do you go along with what the NFL is offering, or protect your name and continue with your lawsuit?

[via ESPN]