Because he wants to be cleared in time to participate in training camp with the New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Saints linebacker, Jonathan Vilma has filed to expedite his request for a temporary restraining order against the NFL in the Eastern District Court of Louisiana.

Vilma and three other New Orleans Saints players are appealing their suspensions in the Saints bounty program.

He has has requested a hearing for this Thursday or as soon as the court's schedule allows.

Vilma's attorney, Peter Ginsberg, says "Vilma will suffer real, immediate and irreparable injury in the absence of the injunctive relief sought."

Ginsberg went on to say, "The NFL's decision to bar Vilma from participating in the 2012 season, attending team and individual meetings, training at the Saints' practice facility and collecting his salary will cause Vilma not only to lose his annual salary but also to miss one of the most competitive seasons of his short professional career," Ginsberg says in the motion. "There is no opportunity to 'make up' this lost time. Vilma will simply never have the ability to participate in these lost games and practices again."

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