The Shreveport Mudbugs will begin their North American Hockey League season in fewer than 90 days, and Tuesday, as the annual NAHL draft began, the Bugs announced some of the players who will make up their squad this fall.

As one of the two new teams in the league, the Mudbugs had the second pick through all fourteen rounds.

Round 1: Jarid Domin Wing

Round 2: John Steen Defense

Round 3: Gino Carabelli Wing

Round 4: Traded

Round 5: David Brumm Center

Round 6: Shane Kelly Defense

Round 7: Croix Evingson Defense

Round 8: Conner Jean Center

Round 9: Erik Fitzgerald Defense

Round 10: Ryan Keane Goalie

Round 11: Christian Cakebread Center

Round 12: Jamie Huber Wimg

Round 13: Cale List Defense

Round 14: Jake Friedman Center

Round 15: Grant Meyer Wing