In response to the disastrous flooding in Louisiana, we have witnessed celebrities reacted better, and more often, than the national news media. Whether it's musicians, Hollywood stars, or someone who's a little of both, celebrities have looked to help where they can.

The member schools of the SEC have shown their support as well. From South Carolina to Alabama, schools and communities who would normally be thought of a "rivals" for LSU and Baton Rouge have been anything but that. Now enter into that fold, one of the most divisive coaches in the SEC...John Calipari.

Now LSU fans aren't as fanatical about their basketball as they are football, so John Calipari doesn't carry as much antagonist power as say, Nick Saban, but Calipari has never been anyone's favorite. There are Kentucky fans who don't even like the guy, and he's been loading their trophy cases.

But after Calipari's recent move, any LSU fan who has him in 'hate' territory might have to slide him down to the 'strongly dislike' zone. Here's more from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari will donate proceeds from a charity softball game to flood victims in Louisiana. The coach says his foundation is teaming up with the American Red Cross to help flood victims.

Calipari says Pelicans star and former Kentucky standout Anthony Davis made the suggestion to give the proceeds to those hurt by the flooding in Louisiana."