Well, seeing as we’re about to dust off the ol’video game movies suck” routine, it stands to reason we might see if TV fares any better. Popular platformer Mirror’s Edge has in mind to leap into the TV world, according to a new deal with Endemol Shine Studios.

Per Deadline, the Electronic Arts platform will be developed as a female-centered action series, as of yet lacking any kind of official pitch or network commitment. The 2008 video game (and its coming reboot) center on the endlessly-agile Faith, described thusly:

Mirror’s Edge is set in a quasi-futuristic dystopian society in which a network of “runners” act as couriers to transmit messages while evading government surveillance. The game’s main character and heroine is Faith, a runner and skilled warrior whose sister is framed for murder. The narrative follows Faith as she is drawn into the fight against the ruling Conglomerate and becomes enveloped in a conspiracy that could bring down society itself.

So says Endemol of the news:

We clearly see Mirror’s Edge as a franchise for the global TV audience. It has a strong female protagonist, a wildly rabid fan base and a worldwide brand that Electronic Arts and EA DICE have done an amazing job establishing.

Certainly we’ve seen the kind of Mirror’s Edge stuntwork influencing parkour and films like The Amazing Spider-Man, but what might a TV take offer on the franchise?