Louisiana has had some of the most confusing medical marijuana laws in all of America. Our laws actually say that medical marijuana is okay. There is just no means to prescribe or distribute that prescription.

So basically the medical marijuana laws in our state are a moot point. However, in the last regular session of the Louisiana Legislature efforts were made to clarify our state's position on that drug. This year's session hopes to further clarify the prescriptions, the production, the distribution, and most importantly the control of marijuana as a medicinal entity.

St. Martin Parish Senator Fred Mills suggested in his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that the biggest issue regarding medical marijuana and getting the drug to the people that actually need it are the details.

Right now we have three agencies basically passing rules to basically define how medical marijuana will be grown, how will it be prescribed, and how will it be dispensed.

You might be wondering who exactly is eligible for a prescription for medical marijuana? Currently, the drug has been cleared for people who are suffering from glaucoma, a rare form of cerebral palsy, and those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  Senator Mills would like to see that list expanded to include cancer patients, those being treated for HIV/Aids, those being treated for multiple sclerosis, and some other chronic conditions.

We’ve all taken our time to make sure that we studied expanding disease states to give more people an opportunity to get medical marijuana prescribed to them. I’m optimistic that it will be successful.

You can expect more debate on this issue as it moves through the legislature during this regular session. Senator Mills is hopeful that supporters have done their due diligence and have a good system of controls in place so that those who need this medication will be able to get it in Louisiana.