A Maine Sheriff has a bone to pick with the Bossier Sheriff.

Sheriff Kevin Joyce in Cumberland County Maine says he was not properly informed about the release of murder suspect Benjamin Shaw who is now living in Maine with his parents after bonding out of jail.

We talked with Sheriff Joyce about the case.

Shaw is accused of second degree murder in the death of Barksdale airman Zecharia Casagranda who was stabbed to death in the parking lot of Rockin Rodeo.

The Bossier Sheriff's Office released the following statement in response to Sheriff Joyce's comments:

The Bossier Sheriff’s Office contacted and corresponded in detail with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office by multiple e-mails and phone conversations prior to Shaw’s bonding, the day of his actual bonding and up to his arrival in Maine.  The multiple correspondence (which was also conducted with Shaw’s attorney) showed their Sheriff’s Office had a clear understanding of the judge’s bond conditions, and a sergeant with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office even confirmed with us that he had met with Shaw and his father when they got to Maine.