When you have a running back like Leonard Fournette it’s hard to think that you’d need any other play than hand the ball to Leonard and then go watch the highlights on ESPN. However, when you play in the SEC where defenses are built to stop the best running backs in the country even Leonard Fournette is going to need some help.

One way Coach Les Miles hopes to boost his running game is by making his passing attack a more viable threat that defenses will have to respect. This “respect” should open more holes for Fournette  and others in the LSU running back stable.

The key to this revamped aerial assault is going to be experience. Last year the Tigers’ quarterback Brandon Harris was new on the job. After a season of baptism by fire Harris should be ready to throw to a group of receivers that underwent on the job training as well.

 Everybody talks about how great are running game is, which is very true, we have so much talent in that backfield, but I feel we have that same type of talent in the receiving room, we just have to show it.

Those comments by junior receiver Malachi Dupre were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Malachi is one of the Tigers veteran receivers. Senior Travan Dural and another junior DJ Shark are expected to see ample playing time. Dural missed a good portion of last year after suffering a hamstring injury in the game against Ole Miss. He says he is healthy and ready to play.

I lost a lot of weight from the spring to now, I probably lost 20, 25 pounds, I feel great, I feel light, I feel like I was never injured.

LSU will also feature some other names for fans to get familiar with in the wide out position. Jazz Ferguson, Tyron Johnson, and Drake Davis, a freshman, should also get their snaps when the Tiger offense is on the field this year as well.

Monday will mark the first time LSU will work out in full pads. The preseason preparations will continue as the Tigers are looking forward to opening the season September 3rd in Green Bay Wisconsin against the University of Wisconsin.