The reaction to the death of 3 police officers in Baton Rouge continues within the LSU Football program. Which should honestly be expected.

Prior to the Baton Rouge shooting, Football Coach Les Miles suggested that this football season could be a rallying point for the community. Those thoughts are more important now than they were on Saturday.

In a community like Baton Rouge, where the football team casts a shadow over other community leaders, even the state legislature, it's often on the shoulders of the players and coaches to act as community leaders. So hearing from players like Brandon Harris means a lot. Here's more on his statement from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"Quarterback Brandon Harris said his thoughts and prayers are with the Baton Rouge Police Department, who lost two officers in the attack. Harris says God sees no color, race, nor gender, we are all the same.

Senior Defensive tackle Christian LaCouture says violence against the people who protect us against harm has got to stop."