It's always nice to be highly thought of. It's even nicer when your the opinion that others have of you improves. It's even better when you didn't really do anything to make that happen. Such was the case for the LSU Tigers football team this week.

LSU is now up to number 15 in the Associated Press College Football Poll. The Tigers are ranked number 14 in the Amway Coaches Poll. The Tigers made these moves up the ladder of college football speculation by taking the weekend off.

While the Tigers were resting for an upcoming game with Alabama on Saturday the teams that were ranked higher than them in both polls had the misfortune of losing their games. Boise State, Florida State, Utah, and Tennessee all lost this past weekend. That meant a fast track upward for the Tigers.

LSU was very highly thought of in the preseason football polls but a very slow start had dropped the Tigers out of the Top 25 just a few weeks ago.  However, the infusion of new enthusiasm and a more wide-open offensive scheme under interim head coach Ed Orgeron has seen the Tigers surging toward the Saturday showdown with the number one team in the nation.

While it's nice to be rated highly in the AP and Coaches polls the poll that actually counts will be released tomorrow night. That is the poll that will determine the rankings for the college championship playoff for the end of the year.  Needless to say, a win over Alabama would go a long way in moving LSU closer to the top four spots in that poll.