Some lawmakers in Louisiana were still trying to joke around when they tossed dollar bills on the podium in the house during a discussion of a recent amendment brought to the floor...and many people are not laughing.

All of this stemmed from an amendment brought to the floor by Jackson Representative Kenneth Havard, in which he proposed that exotic dancers be no older than 28 years-old and not weigh more than 160 lbs. In Havard's mind, this was satire on over-legislation. It received a near immediate backlash from across the nation.

Days later, during a discussion of the sex-trafficking law for which the amendment was proposed (and subsequently dropped), four lawmakers tossed dollar bills at the speaker. Two of the Representatives have been identified as Randal Gaines of Laplace and Dustin Miller from Opelousas. the other two were off camera.

Here is a report from WVUE - Fox 8 in New Orleans showing the lawmakers "Making It Rain" on the House floor.

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