One of Shreveport's most popular restaurants wants to show America they have the best burger in the country.

The James Beard Foundation's Blended Burger Project challenges the top eateries in the USA to make a burger and mushroom combination that is "delicious, healthier, and more sustainable."

Shreveport's Bella Fresca Bistro made it into the contest with the Bella Blended Burger, a creation of Chef Jay Kohler.

Kohler's burger is 75% round beef and 25% finely chopped mushrooms. It's topped with blue cheese and arugula lettuce, and served on a brioche bun with tomato, red onion and spinach aioli.

Bella Fresca Bistro is one of three Louisiana restaurants in the competition, with two New Orleans spots also participating. In October, five finalists will be announced. Each wins a trip to New York City and a chance to prepare their burger for a panel of judges.