Today, I had a tough conversation with a man who was at the scene when 3-year-old twins were pulled out of their family's pickup truck.

Lespaul Stewart's son lives next door to the Orr family. Stewart was on his way to visit him, when he saw his son's mother, along with Oliver and Aria's mother, frantically searching for the children. Not long after that, the toddlers were found inside the truck. Stewart said they'd apparently been there for several hours.

"The little girl was the first one pulled out of the truck, and she came almost directly into my arms, and she was so hot...and blue...and white. And her head was cocked to the side, and her neck wouldn't straighten out," he said.

Stewart said this has been the most difficult situation he's ever witnessed.

"I'm still trying, and none of it is making sense. I haven't had a good night's sleep, definitely, since Saturday," Stewart said. "I've been an emotional wreck. Spontaneous tears for no reason, bursts of anger."

Stewart's son is best friends with the twins' 8-year-old brother, who was out of state with his grandmother when the tragedy happened.

"I can't imagine what he's going through now," he said. "I've dealt with loss, but never in such a tragic way. And he was such a great big brother. I watched him and my son play with the twins, and they were both really awesome big brothers to those babies."

Stewart said whether this turns out to be a tragic accident or negligence on the mother's part, 3-year-olds should never have been able to get into a truck by themselves and lock themselves in, or have been left inside the vehicle. He said the children's mother should face some sort of punishment.

Stewart shares the following poem he wrote about this terrible situation, which sums up perfectly how we're all feeling:

My heart is assaulted by pain and strife.
Stolen away was their breath of life.
Precious babes, a joy to see.
Robbed of life so tragically!
Their playful laughter, rang in my ears..
Now is flowing a stream of tears...
Confusion shrouds my every thought,
Wondering just how hard they fought.
Their screams, their cries, they went unheard.
How could this happen? It's just absurd!
Their light snuffed out, like a candle's flame.
Their lives so short, what a crying shame!
Our eyes now heavy, and our hearts are sad,
But there is one thing of which we can be glad. They are with the Lord, safe and sound!
As prince and princess, they are crowned!
May His power and mercy bring us Peace!
Let us diminish, may He increase!
He knows our prayers, He hears our screams!
Protect our hearts Lord, even our dreams!
Bring Peace my God, to your people here!
Keep us safe oh Lord, and extinguish all fear!
You are loved and sorely missed!