Just when I thought the Harlem Shake was OVER!  Our favorite college football team goes  and makes a Harlem Shake video!
I know that we're guilty, here at 1130 the Tiger, of making our own Harlem Shake video... but I can't say I'm happy about Les Miles and the LSU Football team putting out their own version of the internet dance video sensation! I mean, do you think Nick Saban is planning a Bama version of the Shake? No, I don't either. In fact, I'd bet money that Nick doesn't know what the hell the Harlem Shake is.

I thought the Harlem Shake ended when the Miami Heat put out their own video.  But, no!  I will hand it to the Tigers, they have put a unique spin to the Shake with their video.  It starts with Les calling for the "Big Cat Drill."  The defensive player fires off early, and the team acts like they get into  a scuffle, then the Harlem Shake music hits and everybody is friendly again.

Here's my hope.  The football team just got back together when Spring practice started on Thursday.  I hope that it's just a matter of one or several of the students wanting to do the video, and of course Coach Miles (always a player's coach) figures it can be a bonding experience with so many new faces on the roster.  I hope.

If you're a casual LSU fan, you'll probably enjoy this.  If you're a hardcore LSU fanatic... you're probably gonna start to worry.