We knew he would skip his Senior Season, but I don't think anyone expected Leonard Fournette to skip his final college game. But, that's exactly where we are.

According to multiple reports, Coach Ed Orgeron was in on the decision to have Fournette skip the Citrus Bowl contest against Louisville on New Year's Eve. Fournette has been dealing with injuries and disappointment all year long, and with the glamour (and most importantly DOLLARS) of the NFL on the horizon, it's likely that Fournette didn't want to risk further injury, or poor performance, to hurt his NFL Draft prospects.

There are two negatives that are being circulated around this story, one involves Fournette, and the other involves the process. First, Fournette is being accused of being a selfish player for leaving his team before the season is finished. The other story challenges the college bowl system that has now de-emphasized games like the Citrus Bowl for teams who did not make the playoff system. Because realistically, if this was a playoff game, LSU would need Fournette, and he'd need LSU.

The Citrus Bowl, even without Fournette, can be heard across the Shreveport and Bossier area on 1130AM with 1130 The Tiger.